Want more Mardi Gras recipes? I’ve got you covered!

Mardi Gras, also known affectionately as “Fat Tuesday,” is the last big fling before Lent on the Catholic calendar. The foods served at Mardi Gras are typically rich, hearty, and super flavorful. Get it while you can, right?

Here are some of my favorite Mardi Gras recipes—even if they’re a slight deviation from actual Southern cooking, they include lots of the traditional flavors. Enjoy!

I'll Start with My Best Mardi Gras Appetizers and Sides

It’s not a proper feast without a good appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. This time of year I like to err on the side of heartier meals, so sliders make a great choice for these late winter festivities!

My Best Mardi Gras Sandwiches and Main Dishes

Red beans and sausage is a classic Southern recipe for Mardi Gras—I’ve included an Italian sausage option for those who want to try something a little different! Sandwiches for Mardi Gras are usually made with roast beef or seafood, so try some sliders, fried fish, or a French-inspired croque monsieur. 

I can't forget about my best Mardis Gras desserts!

Fat Tuesday is all about celebration and indulging a little bit before we exercise restraint during Lent. And what better way to indulge than to treat yourself to a decadent dessert? I highly recommend the peach cobbler if you happen to can or freeze any peaches!

Bourbon Street-inspired Cocktails and Desserts for Mardi Gras

Bourbon is delicious. Whether you want to whip up a really good cocktail or a dessert to remember, these Bourbon Street-inspired treats have got you covered.

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February 01, 2024 — Mary DiSomma