I once met a lovely sales lady at a local department store who changed my life forever. We were talking about how I was considering getting a dog. It would be my first time picking one. Don’t get me wrong—my husband and I have always had dogs, but they’ve always been hunting dogs. 

This time, I was excited to pick out my own little companion. I mentioned some breeds I was researching, and this wonderful sales lady stopped me in my tracks. She said, “Before you do anything, promise me you’ll research the Cavalier King Charles.” That was it. 

The more I read about the Cavalier King Charles breed, the more certain I was that this was the breed for me. When I went to meet some for the first time, I fell in love immediately.

2 dogs

Meet Sandy and Danny, my inspiration for two of my best homemade dog treat recipes.

My dogs Sandy & Danny were from a litter of seven. Sandy was the only girl. The breeder and her daughters would name every single puppy when a new litter was born. The pups in this litter were named after characters in the movie Grease. They even made me promise that I would keep the names (twist my arm)!  

Black sleeping dog
Sitting dog

And just like that, Cavie-approved homemade dog treats entered into our lives.

Sandy is 11 years old now. Sadly, Danny boy has already crossed the rainbow bridge. But these pups have always been my once-in-a-lifetime dogs. The loves of my life (sorry, Billy—you have to share that honor). I adored and adore these two SO MUCH that I created not one, but two homemade doggie biscuit recipes just for them… and now for you! I know your fur baby will love these biscuits too! Make sure to check out my Carrot and Spice Dog Sandwich Biscuit recipe and my Peaches and Cream Dog Biscuit recipe.

August 31, 2022 — Mary DiSomma