Infant Welfare Society member Michelle Moore hosted a book signing party at her beautiful home in Lake Geneva, WI. It was wonderful to see everybody really get excited about and engaging with my book! I had a lot of fun demonstrating  how to make an authentic biscotti, as well as some good old fashioned chocolate-chip cookies; I even prepared a macaron tower for the occasion. I hope to do many more events like this one in the months to come!

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Book Signing
Lake Geneva Book Signing

Infant Welfare Society members: Peggy Diamond, Mary DiSomma, Lynne Williams, and Michelle Moore.

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Hephzibah is Oak Park’s oldest social service agency, offering group homes for abused and neglected children, child welfare and family services, foster care and adoption programs, and award-winning daycare on a sliding scale.

August 27, 2022 — Mary DiSomma