This month (and every February), I’m all about the chocolate. I went all-out with chocolate recipes this year—I even made homemade mole sauce for my chicken enchiladas. From matcha hot chocolate to truffles, twisted chocolate brioche, and Nutella®-stuffed chocolate-covered strawberries, I just couldn’t get enough! I even made chocolate brownie pie bars with espresso-flavored whipped cream. SO GOOD.

Since I was already on the chocolate train (or was I conducting it?) I decided to go with a chocolate recipe for my Peoria Magazine article this month, too. I made a Chocolate Ganache Nutella Tart and I have to say, it was absolutely divine. You can read the full article in this month’s issue of Peoria Magazine or get the recipe directly from their website.

Chocolate Ganache Nutella Tart, Cut

This one was truly a labor of love. I decided to go with a tart because 1) they are so delicious, and 2) it would make a perfect addition to my upcoming pie cookbook. Surprise! If you loved A Gift of Cookies: Recipes to Share with Family and Friends, you are going to adore this pie cookbook, too. So keep your eyes peeled! Make sure to check out my signature kitchen collection and my cognac barrel-aged Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla extract in the meantime. Want more chocolate? Check out my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes.

Look for me from now on in Peoria Magazine!

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: I love how much Peoria cares about the community. And I love feeding my people, so I’m delighted to announce that you can get a new, exclusive Mary DiSomma recipe in every forthcoming issue. Well, I might just have to make some cookies to celebrate!

You read the whole magazine, including my article below.

February 14, 2023 — Mary DiSomma