A Ginger Cake to Remember (and a Recipe to Treasure Forever)Here’s where I come in: My first Peoria Magazine exclusive recipe was published in the October issue. Excuse me while I grab a piece of cake to celebrate.

Since Peoria is so close to the farm, I had to choose a special farmhouse recipe to share. When we’re all down in Cuba, I love making a sweet ginger cake with Koval Ginger Liqueur. It’s a family tradition. Oh, I treasure those memories so much, and this cake just brings them all rushing back.

Take a peek at Peoria Magazine’s website to get the recipe—you won’t be seeing this one on my blog.

Frosted Ginger Cakes

Look for me from now on in Peoria Magazine!

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: I love how much Peoria cares about the community. And I love feeding my people, so I’m delighted to announce that you can get a new, exclusive Mary DiSomma recipe in every forthcoming issue. Well, I might just have to make some cookies to celebrate!

You read the whole magazine, including my article below.

October 01, 2022 — Mary DiSomma