No one can deny that Thanksgiving is a culinary highlight on the American calendar. I love preparing a good Thanksgiving feast! I grew up watching my mom and my mother-in-law put the Thanksgiving spread together, smelling the wonderful smells, and helping whenever I could. When they passed the torch to me, I was so nervous that I signed myself and my brother up for a Thanksgiving-themed cooking class. I was not about to mess up that bird. Well, many years and many successful feasts later, I’m here to share my most treasured Thanksgiving recipes with all of you. Read on!

My Best Thanksgiving Appetizer, Soup, and Salad Recipes

Get ready to loosen up your belts—Thanksgiving dinner is coming your way. Prime yourself for turkey with some of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving appetizers, autumn soups, and fresh fall salad recipes. 

beet salad
Wild rice chowder
Corn Chowder Soup
maple butternut squash soup

My Best Thanksgiving Sides Recipes

If you know me, you know how much I appreciate tradition—but I also love a little dash of the unexpected! That’s why this little menu of the best Thanksgiving sides ever includes a mix of traditional and unconventional options. My latest favorite find? Nordic Ware’s Platinum Collection Pumpkin Patch Pan with multiple oh-so-beautiful pumpkin designs that I use for my homemade cornbread muffin recipe. Different food cultures coming together on the dinner table can yield incredible results!

Sweet potatoes
country stuffing
southern buttermilk biscuits
colcannon potatoes
brussel sprouts
pork-stuffed artichokes

My Best Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes: Turkey, Honey Glazed Ham, and So Much More!

If you like a classic roast turkey on Thanksgiving, look no further. My herb-roasted turkey recipe (below) will make a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving spread. I’ve also included some other hearty dishes for those who want to get creative with their protein this year.

turkey on cutting board
honey mustard ham
Pork roast, carved
torta  rustica
Cracklin Pork Shoulder
butternut squash lasagna

My Best Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes

Yeah, yeah, I know not everyone serves cookies on Thanksgiving. But I AM the cookie lady, so every festive occasion calls for a good cookie! Try your hand at one of these flavorful cookie recipes and impress your guests.

Allspice cookies on drying rack
pecan tassies

My Best Thanksgiving Pie and Cake Recipes

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: dessert! These Thanksgiving cake and pie recipes will disappear even faster than the meal. Which one will you choose?

mile high pumpkin pie with meringue top
turkey cake
apple slab pie
pumpkin pie bars
stuffed apple dumpling
blueberry pie
pecan pie bars
sweet potato bourbon pecan pie

My Best Thanksgiving Drinks and Cocktails

After a long day of cooking, it’s time to relax. Whip up a couple of these easy fall cocktail recipes and kick back with your holiday company. Grown-ups, you deserve it! 

pumpkin pie martini
ginger pear bourbon cocktail
red sangria
white sangria

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