This month, I’m delighted to share my recipe for Hasselback Potatoes with all of you. If you’re a potato lover, you will NOT want to miss this one. Hasselback potatoes are a must-try in my opinion: They are basically baked potatoes partially cut into a beautiful, fan-like shape. Drizzle with oil and spices and bake, and what comes out of the oven? A gorgeous baked potato with a crispy, French-fry-like feel. They are SO GOOD.

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Hasselback Potatoes

Look for me from now on in Peoria Magazine!

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: I love how much Peoria cares about the community. And I love feeding my people, so I’m delighted to announce that you can get a new, exclusive Mary DiSomma recipe in every forthcoming issue. Well, I might just have to make some cookies to celebrate!

You read the whole magazine, including my article below.

March 01, 2023 — Mary DiSomma