Chances are, you associate the biggest, most memorable meals of the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I don’t want to wait for the really cold weather to start making memories. In my house, we don’t need an excuse to have company or to make something really good to eat. But if you need an excuse, I’ve got one for you: Halloween. I’ve collected my favorite Halloween recipes, from cookies and desserts to meals for your trick-or-treaters, to share with you this year. I even included some of my best Halloween cocktail recipes for the adults (I’ve got you). No tricks, all treats. Let’s get right to it!

My Best Halloween Dessert Recipes

Sweets aren’t just for the kiddos—all you grown-ups deserve a treat, too. Try out one (or a few) of these awesome Halloween dessert recipes for a sweet treat that everyone is going to love.

Taffy Apples
Taffy Apple Salad
Cast-iron Chocolate Cookie
Bourbon Balls
snicker surprise peanut butter cookies
peanut butter and chocolate amaze-balls cookies
stuffed apple pastry with ice cream
cranberry almond macaroons

My Best Halloween Appetizers and Sides

Every good main should arrive at the table with a couple of good sides. These little dishes make perfect sides for your favorite fall meals. They also make great appetizers for those snackish moments when you just need a little something simple to make so that you can enjoy Halloween. I know I don’t want to spend the entire day cooking, I’ve got candies to give out!

cornbread muffins
Colcannon Potato Dish
candied sweet potatoes
potato casserole
Guinness beef stew in bowls

My Best Meals to Serve for Halloween, Great for Adults and Trick-or-Treaters in Your Life

Warm, filling, comfort foods. Aside from pretty fall colors, that’s my favorite part about the weather getting colder. Invite some loved ones over for dinner and try some of my favorite hearty main dishes this fall.

torta rustica
tortilla soup
potato corn chowder
croque monsieur sandwich
meatball soup
chicken salad sandwiches
chicken tinga
French dip sliders
beef bourguignon
pork roast on platter
sausage and peppers

My Best Halloween Cocktails

Whip up a couple of these spooky (and delicious) Halloween cocktail recipes and no one will believe you’re not a professional bartender. Whether you need a drink recipe for a Halloween party, for your next girls’ night, or just a boozy dessert for the adults, this little menu has got you covered. Cheers!

pumpkin martini
red sangria
white sangria
Mexican hot chocolate

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